White Light Trilogy

Original Feature Screenplays & Stories for Animation

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A story of 2 mystical styles of martial arts;
A reincarnating girl and her parents discovering one style, and a 100-year-old master wielding the other.


The White Light Trilogy tells the tale of a young girl and her parents who, in post-war Japan, discover a mystical style of martial arts based loosely on YIN principles of the Taoist Yin-Yang concept. Physically, it may resemble Aikido, or other softer martial arts that re-direct or subdue an opponent’s attack. When practised, it creates a beautiful WHITE LIGHT.

At the same time Sifu, a mysterious old master, is perfecting a different mystical style of martial arts based on YANG principles.  Physically, it may resemble Muay Thai, or other harder martial arts that utilize more striking techniques to attack. When practised, it creates a beautiful RED ENERGY.

Sifu becomes convinced that the young girl is the apprentice to whom he must pass his wisdom before he can die. However, the girl’s parents want no part of him. 

Faced with their seemingly opposing ideologies, they develop a damaged karma that interlocks their destinies, with Sifu pursuing the girl and her family over 3 incarnations of death and re-birth;  from post-WWII Japan, to Canada in the 80’s and 90’s, to Brazil in 2024, and then back to Japan again for the climax where it all began… 

– In Part 1 there is too much yang, and not enough yin –

– In Part 2 there is too much yin, and not enough yang –

– In Part 3 they must find their unity and balance –


The writer/illustrator is a graduate of the world-class Classical Animation Filmmaking program at Sheridan College, and has been a professional storyboard artist for almost 20 years.